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IT Managed Services

Outsource your IT operations to us and focus on your core business activities. Our managed IT services can help you reduce downtime, improve system performance, and ensure data security.

Managed IT Services in Singapore 
IT Service Provider Singapore

We provide IT managed services in Singapore. Managing the people, processes and toolsets of your ICT operations can be complex, time-consuming, costly and distracting, though it is mission critical in your daily business activities. Handing the management of this to an expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) requires trust.

With more than 30 years’ experience, Amnet delivers consistent managed services in a cost-effective and efficient manner, thanks to our scale, methodologies and high levels of standardization. Our Managed Services helps you overcome business challenges, by ensuring that you:

  • remain agile enough to respond to your business’s need for new IT services

  • access the skills and expertise needed to support new, business-enabling technologies

  • increase the availability of your IT infrastructure with continuous/real-time monitoring, improve delivery on service level agreements and execute health checks

  • decrease downtime and shorten mean-time-to-repair with service management

  • decrease time spent by your engineers on routine jobs and manual tasks through automation tools

  • improve your ability to plan and evolve your network estate to better meet business needs, leveraging world-class management tools and skills

  • decrease the total cost of supporting your IT infrastructure by eliminating cost of entry and investment in technical IT skills

  • create a more positive end-user experience


In a world where we rely so heavily on our technology tools, it is good to know you have got experts at the ready should one of those tools give you trouble. When you or one of your employees has a question or needs help with a software application or device, our engineers and customer support staff will promptly and professionally work with you to resolution.

We have invested in the best technologies available in order to address most of our clients’ IT problems remotely. Remote support is fast, efficient and secure and can be done on your schedule. Rather have an engineer on site? We are happy to schedule an on-site visit to address your needs and questions in person.

With Amnet Technologies, you’ll be getting IT managed services differently from the others. For starters, we’ve had more than two decades to hone our craft to make sure we deliver the most cost-effective, efficient, and reliable IT services around. Consult a trained IT expert on our side, knowledgeable in all the methods and processes which makes our IT services leagues above the rest.

We’re Just a Call Away!

Phone: +65 6741 9822


Reach our team quickly regardless whether your question is hardware or software related. We will triage your issue and connect you with the most qualified personnel so you receive the help you need as quickly as possible.

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