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When disaster strikes, valuable information is at risk of getting deleted or lost forever. There’s no ‘undo’ button for such scenarios. But you can always rely on a backup plan to keep secure copies of data and stay ready for any cyberattacks or crashes that can compromise your organisation.

HPE Nimble Storage and HPE SimpliVity offer a safety net to bounce back from such events with minimal downtime. Using snapshots or flash arrays, these infrastructures can become reliable data reserves crucial for recovery. Whether remotely or on-premises, you can safeguard your data with reliable solutions and strategies by HPE and Amnet.

How does it work?

HPE Nimble

HPE Nimble Storage leverages all-flash storage and predictive analytics to eliminate any app-data gap and keep operations running smoothly. With a 99.999% availability, HPE Nimble Storage protects your data everywhere, with end-to-end assurance every day.


Together with Veeam backup software, Nimble secondary flash arrays are optimized to handle disaster recovery:

  • Near-instant backup, using storage snapshots
  • Easy to manage
  • Better performance and speed than traditional hard drives
  • Supported with encryption
  • Fast RTOs (recovery time objectives) and (recovery point objectives)

Do More With Your Backup

Leverage backup for more than just operational recovery. Run real workloads with flash performance, such as Dev/Test, QA, patch testing, reporting, and analytics. Zero-copy clones let you re-use backup data and instantly spin up hundreds of application copies.

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HPE SimpliVity

HPE SimpliVity combines IT, advanced data services and AI-driven operations into a single, integrated hyper-converged infrastructure at a fraction of the cost for traditional offerings.

The hyperconverged infrastructure provides an excellent platform to run virtual infrastructure and built-in data protection features that enable you to safeguard data at a virtual machine level:

  • HPE SimpliVity Data Virtualization Platform deduplicates and compresses for simple and faster performance
  • VMware snapshot or Microsoft VSS method is available to create application-consistent backups
  • HPE SimpliVity RapidDR simplifies and accelerates off-site disaster recovery through automation
  • HPE SimpliVity File Level Restore can restore a single file, a set of data, or entire directories from an existing backup

Data Protection On HPE Simplivity Platforms

HPE SimpliVity offers native data protection features critical for disaster recovery and business continuity. This technical white paper details factors to consider when protecting data, along with best practices and recommendations on when and how to use them for various use cases.

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An Insurance for Your Data

Get the simplicity and agility of public cloud and security of on-premise backup environments with HPE GreenLake. HPE GreenLake provides a real end-to-end backup solution, including the required hardware, software, and services. You only pay for what you use.

HPE Financial Services

With a variety of financial and asset lifecycle options available, you don’t have to put backups as the last priority. HPEFS releases capital from existing infrastructures, defers payments, and provides pre-owned tech to relieve capacity strain.

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