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When disaster strikes, remote IT support can come in to solve issues without losing productivity or resources. The best part is, you might already have these services in your HPE infrastructures. Here’s how to put it into action.

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting business continuity in the spotlight. While the workforce continues to work at home, day-to-day operations and communications must now go digital. Think cloud storage, back-ups, and virtual desktop infrastructures: all the workplace essentials to keep a company going.

Organisations employ business continuity plans (BCPs) as and when needed. Yet, they do not cover situations that may require more immediate attention. No doubt, digital IT infrastructures remain essential in an organisation’s BCP. But more can still be done to tackle unexpected disruptions ahead.

Remote IT management is one way to ensure a swift response to any IT emergency or requirement, helping organisations get back on track right away. Due to its digital nature, these IT infrastructures can be managed remotely on one platform. Convenient and efficient, companies can perform fast troubleshooting and resolve issues safely.

If this sounds new to you, it shouldn’t. Remote management capabilities may already be available in your IT infrastructure. If you’re using HPE infrastructures, this comes in the form of HPE InfoSight.

Best of all, HPE InfoSight comes at no additional cost for HPE Nimble Storage and HPE SimpliVity. It is also applicable across the infrastructure stack. That means having the visibility of storage to virtual machines, offering quick diagnostics, and simplifying IT management even more. Since the platform is Cloud-based, there’s no need for IT teams to rush down to address any infrastructure issues. All can be resolved on the HPE InfoSight portal at any time.

Beyond convenience, HPE InfoSight changes how IT is managed and supported through predictive support, AI-driven operations, and self-healing infrastructures. With artificial intelligence, HPE InfoSight predicts and prevents problems — such as app-data gaps — across the infrastructure stack and make decisions to optimise performance.

For this to work, the AI-powered platform must keep learning by analysing more than 1,250 trillion data points and sensors across the globe. By understanding the ‘ideal operating environment’ for various workloads, HPE InfoSight can recognise patterns and configurations to recommend the best solutions. At the moment, HPE InfoSight predicts and resolves 86% of customer issues1 even before it occurs. It translates to saving companies more than 1.5 million hours of lost productivity2.

Across the HPE portfolio, HPE InfoSight offers the same capabilities for various functions.

For HPE Nimble, HPE InfoSight automates storage administrative tasks and ensure that all storage arrays are at peak efficiency. Administrators get instant alerts for a list of issues, engaging the platform for proactive monitoring of storage. In the case of performance, HPE InfoSight can identify potential bottlenecks and indicate if increasing caches or upgrades are required. These capabilities eliminate days of data collection and analysis for IT teams.

Organisations implementing VDIs with HPE SimpliVity can use HPE InfoSight for quick insights into data centers and virtual machines (VMs). HPE InfoSight provides forecasts on capacity, identify which VMs are using the most resources and more on one dashboard — simplifying VM administration altogether.

Thanks to its predictive nature, HPE InfoSight takes on a more proactive role in managing IT by highlighting and fixing severe issues before they occur. Whatever the problem, IT teams and organisations won’t have to spend sleepless nights on emergencies and, instead, spend productive hours on the business.

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