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As the global pandemic continues to develop, companies must now prepare for a reality of massive changes to productivity. With HPE GreenLake, you can craft a scalable strategy — using virtual desktop infrastructures — to tackle the future efficiently.

For many companies around the world, COVID-19 has become an unlikely catalyst for digital transformation. There is yet no end in sight for the global pandemic, posing more uncertainty for organisations in adapting to an increasingly unpredictable future. One thing is for sure: the future is digital, and changing is the key to survival.

At this point, companies observe temporary measures, such as having most of the workforce working from home. But more permanent, reliable measures must be implemented for effective business continuity and productivity.

The main concern arising from doing so is the scalability of such a solution and the need to invest significantly in infrastructure and other necessary resources. This is a problem easily addressed by HPE GreenLake.

HPE GreenLake VDI Lighthouse Programme offers an all-encompassing approach that supports a wide range of user requirements and allows flexibility with pay-per-desktop finance models. Virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) with HPE GreenLake provide the benefits of on-premises security and performance with the flexibility and simplicity of the cloud. With built-in services and simplified billing, you can move fast without the substantial upfront cost.

This lighthouse programme is also adaptable to every stage of progress towards adapting to the new normal. Here’s how it can fit into your company’s plans without problems.

Deploy VDI fast with all hardware and software provided

Traditionally, companies looking to implement new infrastructure must put in a significant amount of investment and time to set up. Furthermore, IT teams must design an environment for peak capacity and integrate new additions to the current infrastructure stack. Along with periodic tech refreshes, IT must note a long list of requirements, such as hardware obsolescence and software end-of-life, to ensure operations stay efficient. More commitment to cost and time is expected — not something a company needing urgent VDI solutions may want to consider.

HPE GreenLake VDI simplifies this significantly. HPE provides the necessary hardware and software for VDI and deploys them into the company’s data center, keeping desktops close to applications and users. Together with HPE Pointnext Services, the company gets much-needed support and management of the platform while still taking full control of the crucial desktop and application environment. Now, there’s more time to deal with other pressing matters.

Ensure security and flexibility for productivity

There’s a lot at stake when taking operations away from the office. The company is more exposed to cyber threats and at risk of having sensitive data compromised if security measures are not adopted. If the VDI becomes overloaded with boot storms and workloads, the workforce’s productivity will be impacted. These are issues that IT teams must weigh when considering VDI options, like public clouds or desktop-as-a-service (DaaS).

HPE GreenLake VDI is neither a public cloud nor a DaaS. Instead, the programme offers the continued benefits of on-premises VDI, such as security and seamless user experiences. Infrastructure from HPE also comes with HPE InfoSight, so issues with data storage and systems can be predicted and prevented, delivering higher uptime.

Learn more about HPE VDI solutions here.

Seamless scalability for the future

For many, VDI could very well remain as a permanent measure for the new normal. The workforce may continue to work from home, or choose to return to the office some days. Regardless of the situation, companies may want to change their VDI usages to suit their needs. Since HPE GreenLake offers a more flexible payment structure, VDI subscriptions can be managed easily — organisations pay a monthly bill based on a number of named users.

HPE GreenLake also offers a unified view of all IT operations and lets IT teams determine how much infrastructure is needed and what needs to be managed. Over- or under-provisioning is a thing of the past. Companies can select from pre-configured end-to-end solutions or modular solutions that offer a choice of infrastructure.

The numbers speak for themselves

HPE GreenLake customers report1:

75% shortened time to market
Easy capacity planning and a ready-to-use buffer speed up the deployment of global IT projects

30% CAPEX savings
Eliminate overprovisioning and technology refresh spending to cut costs

40% IT resource savings
Support, administration, and planning are included with HPE GreenLake services

Lastly, face the unexpected

Change is on the horizon. And the key to weathering out the unexpected is to stay innovative, agile, and forward-thinking. Stay abreast of local and global developments and keep a lookout for the latest business trends. HPE brings together the expertise and financial flexibility to help customers get through these unprecedented times.

1A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, The Total Economic ImpactTM of HPE GreenLake, May 2020

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