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Unexpected situations call for telecommuting measures which may result in your business being on a standstill. Stay prepared by setting up remote workspaces through Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) with HPE Nimble.

Businesses must always prepare for the unprecedented. In the past decade, the world has seen natural disasters and pandemics that can lead to organizations coming into a halt. To get prepared, many have new work measures — called business continuity plans (BCPs) — to ensure that work continues without interruption.

These can range from ‘working from home’ directives or splitting the workforce in two. But these aren’t as straightforward as they sound. When it comes to executing this with IT, BCPs can prove to be a headache, mainly when Intranet and cybersecurity issues are involved.

With virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI), organizations do not have to choose between being agile and staying secure. Combining intelligent HPE Storage and VMware Horizon VDI, IT managers can create a holistic solution for flexible workspaces.

What is VDI?

VDI is a virtualized desktop environment hosted on a remote server for added security. Users can access their office desktops on their own devices, such as personal computers and laptops. On top of this, these virtual desktops can be controlled through a management platform to prevent any unauthorized use. VDI software grants employees the flexibility to work anywhere. It is a cost-effective and secure way to keep the workforce efficient while working apart. Most importantly, IT managers don’t need as many resources to carry out this plan.

How does it work?

There are two types of VDI: persistent and non-persistent. The former creates a unique desktop for each user than can be saved for use in the future. The latter serves as a temporary desktop, which reverts to its original state when the user logs out. VMware Horizon is a software that simplifies the delivery of such desktops with on-premise, cloud, or hybrid servers.

Part of the VDI experience is also related to the amount of data storage that’s readily available for users. Storage systems need to handle logins and booting of VDIs as well as deliver fast IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second). Intelligent arrays, like the HPE Nimble, are better able to process a rush of information. With HPE InfoSight, Nimble can also predict and prevent issues in the system and manage the infrastructure instinctively.

What are the advantages of using HPE Nimble and VMware Horizon VDIs?

One of the main benefits of using VDIs is high availability and data protection. As these virtual desktops are all stored in one data center, protecting the data is a priority. HPE Nimble takes ‘snapshots’ of user data, allowing information to be kept in storage longer. VMs (virtual machines) and user data can also be replicated into another HPE Nimble, making data recovery instantaneous.

Thanks to HPE InfoSight, issues with data storage and systems can be predicted and prevented, delivering higher uptime. Faster read and write performance and submillisecond average latency from HPE Nimble also provides consistent performance during boot storms, active workloads, and controller failures and improves the user experience.

A unified management system for all VDIs also means that the IT team won’t have to worry about complex management issues such as dealing with multiple systems. VMware Mobile Secure Desktop solutions include vCenter Operations Management (vCOPs) for View and VMware vShield, which address the monitoring, management, and security requirements of desktop virtualization.

Beyond executing BCPs, VDIs are useful in creating a mobile work environment or for organizations that require employees to work and rotate across various locations.

Setting up a VDI solution with HPE

For an enterprise-class VDI solution with scalability and availability, HPE recommends the following components including third-party technology party products:

  • x86 compute either HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers or market-leading HPE Synergy composable infrastructure
  • Datacenter networking including HPE FlexFabric, Arista, and Cisco
  • HPE Nimble Storage for cloud-ready predictive flash storage
  • VMware vSphere® 6.5 server virtualization
  • VMware Horizon 7 VDI software
  • Optional data protection, cloud storage, and DR
  • Optional NVIDIA products include NVIDIA Tesla GPU cards and NVIDIA GRID software


Find out more about HPE Nimble and setting up VDIs. Contact us for a free consultation.

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