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3 Ways HPE is Powering Tomorrow’s Data Center for Future Workloads

Feel like you can’t keep up with technology?

It’s no surprise given how it is evolving at breakneck speed. According to Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019, Intelligence (such as autonomous things and augmented analytics), Digital (think of empowered edge and immersive experience) and Mesh (like blockchain and smart spaces) will be taking the spotlight this year.

Enterprises are now exploring these technologies to enable new business models and deliver enhanced experiences, ultimately sharpening their competitive edge for greater profitability. But this only means that tomorrow’s workloads are demanding more than ever from their data centers.

How do enterprises ensure their IT infrastructure provides the performance, agility, efficiency, and scalability needed to support intensive workloads that come with next-generation technologies? We look at three ways HPE is delivering innovations that build a solid foundation for an enterprise.


Simplified IT that doesn’t compromise performance

Three-tier IT infrastructure are often rigid and complex to maintain and scale. With you needing to be agile and innovative, a traditional data center setup is clearly not built for the future. The rise of modern infrastructure stems from the simplicity it promises. Less complexity means faster deployments and provisions. More importantly, simplicity provides more time for IT to focus on revenue-generating initiatives.

HPE SimpliVity lives up to its name. Storage, servers, and networking switches are integrated seamlessly into a single pane view, delivering true hyperconvergence from the core to the edge. Simplicity oftentimes costs performance, but HPE SimpliVity is designed to deliver cloud-like agility and economies with on-premises capabilities and security. The proof is in the pudding: HPE SimpliVity increases staff productivity by 50% while reducing costs by up to 73%.


Artificial intelligence (AI) that resolves your issues

Digital transformation is the top priority for every business leader. This propels the integral role the data center plays in the enterprise. Coupled with the tech talent shortage, it’s no wonder why today’s IT teams are often stretched to keep the lights on with no bandwidth to focus on anything else. To bridge this gap, many are turning towards AI—seen as our future digital co-workers—to boost operational efficiency and drive greater productivity. There is no better place to introduce AI than at the heart of the business: the data center.

HPE Nimble Storage utilises the AI-powered InfoSight Predictive Analytics, enabling enterprises to predict and prevent 86% of problems before it’s noticed—with more than half of them outside storage. This takes a significant load off existing IT teams so they can focus on more strategic projects and innovation. Best of all, InfoSight Predictive Analytics guarantees six-nines availability so enterprises can rest assured their apps and services are always on for both your employees and customers.


On-demand IT that delivers what you need, when you need it

Today’s business landscape is getting increasingly competitive, and your cost efficiency can make or break a healthy profit. Enterprises looking to come up winners are constantly exploring new operating models to boost profitability. That’s why the popularity of the as-a-Service movement is no surprise in this climate; it moves traditional capital expenditure to operating expenditure to give you greater control over their spending.

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity signifies a shift in the way enterprises operate IT. An outcome-based consumption model, this on-demand infrastructure solution provides enterprises with access to HPE and partner technologies on a pay-per-use basis. No more worrying about costly overheads and investments or about over or under provisioning. With HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, enterprises can enjoy cloud-like benefits such as scalability, pay-per-use economics, within the control of on-premises.


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