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3 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs HPE Nimble Storage

We live in a world where every piece of information is digitized. From work emails to holiday photos, there is an expanding amount of data being churned out. Did you know that by 2020, 1.7MB of data is created every second for every person? [1] Imagine the storage required to store such enormous amount of data. What’s more critical is being able to efficiently store and manage them.

With the exponential growth of data, it is easy to see why enterprises are investing on data storage that would not only allow them to store but also analyse data for valuable insights. These insights in turn can empower leaders to make data-driven business decisions that will unlock new levels of productivity and profitability.

It is no wonder why HPE Nimble Storage is voted the Best Enterprise Storage Product in 2018 by TechTarget. An all-flash solution, HPE Nimble Storage delivers unrivalled reliability and simplicity while maximising your investment. More importantly, it provides the intelligence you need to predict and prevent storage issues.

Let’s take a look at what makes HPE Nimble Storage an industry leader and how it propels your business ahead.

Optimize your overall performance

The dream storage would be one that diagnoses and solves performance issues almost immediately without getting in the way of work. However, the complexity of the traditional IT infrastructure means proactively identifying issues is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. And with the average cost of IT downtime being $5,600 a minute [2] having your business come to a grinding halt is not a scenario any business would want.

Thankfully, dreams do come true. HPE Nimble Storage closes any gaps of delay by utilising HPE InfoSight Predictive Analytics, an intelligent cloud analytics platform that watches over your infrastructure, gathers information by identifying patterns, and constantly learns how to prevent problems. As they learn, every system becomes smarter in predicting disruptions before they even happen. Combining intelligence with a 99.9999% availability guarantee, HPE Nimble Storage has proven to deliver a robust performance that is five times faster than any other hybrid storage solutions on the market.

Accelerate innovation through simplicity

With an intelligent system that helps watch and manage your storage, your IT team can free up precious time previously spent on maintaining and resolving technical issues. This empowers them to embark on more meaningful initiatives and projects that drive innovation and efficiency across your entire organisation.

HPE Nimble Storage is also radically simple to manage. Whether it is an All Flash or Adaptive Flash array, they are easily configured with the aid of a guide built on proven, global best practices. It also offers access to dedicated specialists and comprehensive proactive support. Even your average IT generalist would be able to use it.

Stretch your storage investments

Those expensive forklift upgrades, for a small gain? You can bid farewell to all those and say hello to a timeless storage experience.

With its capability for non-disruptive performance and capacity growth, HPE Nimble Storage plug-and-play features mean simpler upgrades. You no longer need to rip entire systems apart and replace it completely. Complemented by a flat support pricing throughout the entire lifecycle, HPE Nimble Storage gives you complete control over budget. You can essentially make the most of the storage for as long as you want.

HPE Nimble Storage’s All Flash arrays are known to have the best price-to-performance balance. The total cost comes up to about one- to two-thirds lesser than other storage systems in the market, giving you the opportunity to stretch and protect your investments.

With HPE Nimble Storage’s self-managing, smart and easy-to-use systems, it Is not difficult to see how businesses can benefit from its capabilities. Your enterprise can start innovating towards a smooth data storage future.

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