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3 Features of GreenLake Flex Capacity That Will Boost Your Business

New technologies, such as AI and IoT, are enabling new ways of doing business and drastically transforming the landscape. Businesses rush to leverage these technologies to sharpen their competitive edge—evolving to become more agile, productive, efficient, and most importantly profitable.

That’s why many of them are exploring hybrid IT. Why choose between cloud and on-premises when you can have both? Hybrid IT gives you the simplicity, agility, and economics of a public cloud and the performance, security, and control of on-premises.

But as with most new technology, the right hybrid IT solution is either elusive or difficult to implement. Thankfully, with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, hybrid IT is now within reach. Let’s explore how HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity is designed to connect your business with growth.

Cloud-like speed and flexibility

Did you know that technology disruption is reducing the average lifespan of an S&P company, from 60 years in 1960s to 20 years today? The critical lesson we can draw from this is how vital it is for a business to be agile, not just keep up but stay ahead of today’s fast-evolving business landscape.

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity allows you to have a buffer of capacity on-site, so you can utilise it the instant you need it instead of having to go through the same procurement and deployment process. This cloud-like flexibility empowers enterprises to significantly decrease their time-to-market by 65%. Keeping capacity ahead of demand yet only pay for what’s used and not what’s deployed gives you the speed you need to innovate.

The HPE account support team also collaborates closely with enterprises to monitor usage and provide recommendations to replenish capacity before it’s needed. This makes increasing capacity a matter of minutes, not months.

On-premises control and performance

While the cloud offers agility and speed, it lacks control—bringing about security and compliance risks. This is where on-premises comes in. The closeness of on-premises to the IT team ensures that enterprises have direct control of the configuration, management and security of key workloads. It’s why a lot of them continue to keep business-workloads on-premises even as they embark on their digital transformation.

With HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, key workloads can be kept on-premises to meet security, privacy, latency, compliance, and control requirements; yet it’s complemented by public cloud services to deliver the level of performance to keep your business running as usual.

Furthermore, HPE’s hybrid solution gives you access to the latest technologies from HPE and partners. Whether it is HPE servers, storage, networking, software, converged systems, or containers, you can now enjoy the best of IT at a fixed price.

Pay-per-use economics

One of IT’s biggest challenges is over or under provisioning. Imagine ordering from a restaurant: you want to order just the right amount of food, not too much in case of wastage nor too little that you go hungry. However, the stakes are definitely higher for enterprises. When over provisioned, you’re locking up capital that can be used for other initiatives. When under provisioned, the long lead time to deploy means missed business opportunities.

This age-old problem of under or over provisioning is eliminated with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity due to its unrivalled financial flexibility. With greater control over expenditures, enterprises are given clear insight into actual costs, driving better IT planning.

Without the need to constantly caster for technology refreshes, enterprises can enjoy a reduced capital expenditure (CAPEX) spend by 30%, delivering significant savings.

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