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    HPE Nimble

    HPE Recognised As A Leader In 2019 Magic Quadrant For Primary Storage

    HPE Nimble leverages on all-flash storage and predictive analytics to eliminate any app-data gap and keep your operations running smoothly. With a 99.999% availability, HPE Nimble protects your data everywhere, every day with end-to-end assurance.


    Constant innovations within the HPE Nimble storage technology delivering industry-leading effective capacity efficiency with future-proofed architecture.

    Read more about HPE Nimble and creating VDIs →

    Discover HPE Nimble

    HPE Nimble Storage
    All-Flash Arrays
    HPE Nimble Storage
    Adaptive Flash Arrays
    HPE Cloud Volumes HPE Nimble Storage
    Predicts and prevents issues to help deliver 99.9999% guaranteed availability and resolves 86% of issues before you even know there’s a problem. Hybrid flash for mixed, mainstream workloads. Secondary flash for backup and disaster recovery. Enterprise-grade multi-cloud storage service for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Take advantage of a variety of comprehensive Nimble support services to tailor storage to your business needs, free up valuable IT resources, and resolve issues before they affect operations.

    HPE SimpliVity

    Gartner: HPE Is Leader In 2019 Magic Quadrant For
    Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

    HPE SimpliVity combines IT, advanced data services and AI-driven operations into a single, integrated hyper-converged infrastructure at a fraction of the cost for traditional offerings


    From a single, integrated all-flash solution, SMBs can achieve new levels of performance from agility, flexibility to greater IT insights and visibility. With advanced data services, simplified software and AI, HPE SimpliVity manages to streamline IT operations and changes how customers manage and support their infrastructure.

    Discover HPE SimpliVity
    HPE SimpliVity 380 HPE SimpliVity 325 HPE SimpliVity 2600

    – Storage-intensive workloads

    – Multiple all-flash configuration options (XS, S, M, L, and XL)

    – Backup and archive node with hybrid flash storage

    – Hardware-accelerated or software-optimized for always-on deduplication and compression

    – Small ROBO and edge use cases

    – Highly dense, 1U, single AMD
    processor node with high core count

    – Lower TCO

    – Full HPE SimpliVity functionality

    – Compute-intensive general-purpose virtualization, edge, and VDI workloads

    – Space-constrained environments that need a high-density server form factor

    – Highest GPU per rack unit (RU) density

    – Software-optimized for always-on deduplication and compression

    Experience HCI Without Limitations

    As workloads become more unpredictable, businesses need hyperconverged infrastructure that adapts and scales to meet performance when required. With AI, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI can address those needs and more. Read to learn how.

    Remote IT Management Is the Next Step to Business Continuity

    When disaster strikes, remote IT support can come in to solve issues
    without losing produc vity or resources. The best part is, you might
    already have these services in your HPE infrastructures. Here’s how to
    put it into action.

    Backup Data in Three Reliable, Worry-Free Ways

    Backups play crucial roles in assuring fast disaster recovery and business
    continuity. With HPE Nimble Storage, SimpliVity, and GreenLake, these
    data reserves remain protected and continuously updated.

    How VDI-as-a-Service Fits Into Your IT Strategy for the New Normal

    As the global pandemic continues to develop, companies must now
    prepare for a reality of massive changes to productivity. With HPE
    GreenLake, you can craft a scalable strategy — using virtual desktop
    infrastructures — to tackle the future efficiently.

    Making Sense of a Post-COVID-19 World

    The novel coronavirus was a gut punch for many businesses. The changes
    wrought by the pandemic’s impact made business agility and flexibility
    leading necessities. It has spurred companies to fast-track digital
    transformation and the move to the cloud.

    Improve Data Protection and Recovery Effectiveness with HPE SimpliVity

    Changing compute environments and growing redundancy of old data protection methods have forced many organizations to relook at their IT operations. HPE SimpliVity makes this gargantuan task much simpler to handle.

    Wary About Cyberattacks? It’s Time To Check Your Server

    Not replacing your ageing servers can result in huge risk in your organisation’s security. Here, we discuss the important feature considerations in making a qualified server replacements decision.

    Execute Business Continuity Plans with HPE Nimble

    Unexpected situations can call for telecommuting measures which may result in your business being on a standstill. Stay prepared by setting with remote workspaces through Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) with HPE Nimble.

    3 Ways HPE is Powering Tomorrow’s Data Center for Future Workloads

    HPE delivers powerful innovations that can help SMBs achieve next-gen performance, agility, efficiency, and scalability needed to support intensive workloads.

    3 Reasons Why Your SMB Needs HPE Nimble Storage

    Imagine the storage required to store such an enormous amount of data. What’s more critical is being able to efficiently store and manage them.

    3 Ways HPE SimpliVity Can Define Your Business Success

    Today’s immense workloads are adding pressure on traditional IT infrastructures. HPE SimpliVity seeks to alleviate and simplify operations to make way for digital transformation.

    3 Features of GreenLake Flex Capacity That Will Boost Your Business

    Finding the right hybrid IT solution is difficult and can be even harder to implement in organisations with traditional infrastructures. Thankfully, with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, hybrid IT is now within reach.