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99 Days: Microsoft Security & Compliance Seminar

The security landscape of today is vastly different from that of a few years ago.The modern perpetrator is creative and highly innovative in this methods to not just breach environments but also conceal his intrusion.

Today, security professionals fear they can’t keep up with risks. Don’t be one of them.

This event is a full day of security-focused discussions where Microsoft Global Leaders and Cybersecurity Experts share their opinion on issues like threat protection, security & compliance.


Optimizing The Digital Workspace Anywhere 

The way the world works today is drastically changing. From a mobile multi-generational workforce to heightened customer expectations, businesses are feeling the pressure of empowering their workforce with a productive and secure computing environment for optimized operational efficiency. And while businesses have been quick to discover the benefits of deploying virtual desktops, adoption has been slow due to the lack of control over high expenses and fluctuating performance.

The agenda of the event are to share HPE GreenLake and SimpliVity. Turn High CapEx into lower OpEx that aligns to your capacity needs with HPE GreenLake and gain data centra in a box simplicity with unparalleled VM density, performance and resiliency with HPE SimpliVity.


Digital Transformation 2018 : Secure and Protect 

The Amnet, Microsoft, Pacific Tech, and Thales event in Singapore on 13th September 2018 was focused on the Digital Transformation Journeys in organizations addressing Security and Protection, Best Practises and Trending Digital Strategies. 

The Highlights of the Agenda were forward-looking into the Business values and concerns of addressing Digital Transformation strategies in Security, Multi Cloud strategies, with a focus on the Trending Highlights of the Thales Data Threat report. 

 Live Entertainment was provided by International Artistes and was the highlight of the break sessions, with both customers and business partners enjoying both the music by our artistes and networking amongst themselves.

Networking Sessions Customers and Partners networked with several opportunities that came up during discussions. There was a good exchange and interaction between Customers, Partners, and Vendor, sharing their thoughts on Cloud MultiPlatform and Encryption Solutions available.

Security Event 2018 : “Applying Deep Learning In Cyber Security” 

All over the world, security concerns are rising as organizations struggle with technology changes affecting them. Physical and engineering environments are becoming technology savvy while cloud and mobile services are taking on bigger roles in businesses.

Cyber threats to such technology are not only growing in number but in sophistication as well; with attacks surpassing the most advanced AV and machine learning protection to target unknown vulnerabilities. It is thus imperative that our defenses evolve to combat any threat at any location, at any time – The question is “how?”.

Introducing Deep Instinct™’s : Deep learning, a novel branch of AI, enables real-time protection against unknown and evasive cyber-attacks from any source, providing unprecedented protection.

This roundtable luncheon event is to learn how deep learning can enhance your current protection, and how you can now, leverage this game-changing technology to fight cybercrime with foresight, not hindsight.



 Amnet “Don’t Get Held Hostage by Ransomware” Event 


With ransomware making headlines for all of the wrong reasons, highlighted by the recent Wanna attack, the pressure is on to put together a top of the line defense. Ransomware is here to stay and will continue to evolve. Understand how typical attacks take place and why they can be so successful. Learn what features to look when choosing protection and get your users up to speed on best IT security practices. Sophos has the innovative next-gen technology to defend ransomware and other advanced threats. 


Amnet FireEye Event

Amnet was chosen as the partner for the inaugural event of FireEye in Singapore. The objective of the session was to give clients a much better understanding of the latest threats that businesses face in cyberspace today.

From the session,the clients gained deeper insight on malware and APT (Advanced Persistent Threat), as well as how hardware security works in protecting their enterprises against web, email and file server threats.

Security Event 2016 : Critical Infrastructure Resilience and Growth

On 25 August 2016, Amnet co-hosted an event with Mtech and 5 vendors, namely BlueCoat, CheckPoint, Nutanix, Arista and Carbon Black. The key focus of the event was on the latest cyber threats that businesses face today and, among others, “Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection” was presented as a key topic.

This event was instrumental in helping clients understand the nature of cyber security threats, given that cyber-attacks have been on the rise and are lurking around every corner of the Internet. Usually, by the time most organizations realize that there has been a data breach, the real attack might have already taken place for weeks, months, or even years. From this event, our clients understood the critical steps and best defenses to protect their organization. Apart from that, they also had the opportunity to interact with our selected vendors to review the latest trends, strategies and how to implement security solutions in their enterprises.

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